Ideas & Recipes

On this page we will list recipes or ideas for art and sensory play that you might try as they come up from our blog posts. We hope you will enjoy trying these art ideas together. You can try them in any order you like, but if this is your first time trying art together, we recommend that you start with ‘First Painting‘ to get you going or have a look at our new book of ideas. Nothing needs to be perfect. It is just about letting your wee one be creative, explore the different materials and enjoy their time with you. We like to think about giving wee ones an ‘invitation’ to make art and then following their lead to see what they create. If the art turns out nothing like ours, don’t worry about it! These are just prompts to get you started – your goal is to have fun, and enjoy making your mark together!

    First Painting

    Making coloured rice for sensory trays

    Big box paintings

    Salt dough clay

    Bubble Painting

    Circle paintings

   Shaving foam marbling

   Bubble wrap printing

   Juice carton houses

   Farm themed sensory tray

   Rainy Paintings

   Halloween themed sensory play and sensory bag ideas

   Big floor paintings

   Valentines themed sensory tray

   Dinosaur themed sensory tray

   Flowery paintings and paper flowers

   Making art from anything

   Making home-made edible paints

   Egg box crafts – daffodils and animals

   Butterfly printing

   Big family paintings

   Lid paintings

   Printing on baking trays and cupcake tins

   Tissue paper stained glass windows

   Pavement chalk paints

    Cardboard tube printing

    Tactile ideas with sticky art works and collage materials

    Rainbow rice sensory trays

    Blue water sensory trays

    Sensory play ideas with ice

   Snowy paintings and sensory trays

  Footprints and tyre tracks in paint

    Sensory baskets

    Make your own textured brushes

     Painting with really long brushes

   leaf printing

   Flower patterns

   Clay impressions

 Clay constructions

   Colourful foam

   Footprint trails

   Shadows and light shows

   A week of wee ones Art and Science activities together with Dundee Science Centre and DCA, including colour mixing, spinners and sensory games

   Leaf pictures

   Mud play

   Eid decorations with marbled moon and stars

   Moon paintings and tinfoil moon

   Moon dust sensory tray and cardboard tube rocket

   Painted paper chains

Paints on snow   Snow Painting

   Folded Robin Decorations

   Process art – spinning, dripping and squirting

   Flower Pressing