We have been printing with bubble wrap at a few of our sessions at the DCA these last few weeks so we thought we’d post some instructions. This is a really easy and fun art activity that any age will manage with a little help.

You need:

Bubble wrap

Non-toxic paints

Absorbent paper

Brushes, sponges or rollers

Start by sticking the bubble wrap to the table, to the floor or to a high chair tray with tape. This will stop it sliding about as little ones paint it. Then you can help them to drip on the paint and spread it about. Brushes are fine but it’s easier with sponges or rollers, or even just hands.





Once it’s all covered, place a sheet of paper on top and help little ones to rub all over the back of it and peel off.






We thought it looked a bit like dinosaur scales and so I cut out some very basic dinosaur shapes to press the pattern on to.


This would work with pretty much anything you can think of and cut out though. At DCA we were printing onto big cardboard spheres to make hanging decorations inspired by David Austen’s Underworld exhibition.






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