Blue sea sensory trays

This is a really easy sensory tray, perfect for a hot day. It involves no planning at all but wee ones will enjoy getting to use their toys in the water and somehow the water being blue makes it just a little bit better than normal water!

For the tray we used a big, shallow, plastic storage tray like the kind that go under the bed. You could also use a small paddling pool, a tuff spot tray or a baking tin. If its see through the water will look better though. If you are in the house put it on top of a towel so the floor doesn’t get slippy.

Just add a little blue colouring to your water with either a splash of blue paint or some blue food colour, mix, add toys and play! Little ones usual toys might like to join in and if you can add some things for scooping and pouring even better. We are using shells here but you could also use plastic cups or measuring spoons. Encourage them to use their imagination.

In this tray we did for a DCA messy session about islands and hurricanes we added little islands foam shaving foam. If your wee one is big enough no to eat the foam this is a fun addition as they enjoy the islands mixing into the water and having to add more. We also added some paper boats in this one and wobbled the tray back and forth to make a storm.



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