Painted Paper Chains

Traditional paper chains make lovely decorations and they are really easy to do with children. We’ve added some extra colour and fun for wee ones by decorating them first. Follow your babies lead in the decorating and let them enjoy the feel of the paint and the different colours. Whatever they do will look beautiful once it’s all put together.

You need:

  • Paper – any colours you have, scrap is fine
  • Scissors (keep away from young children)
  • Glue stick
  • Something to decorate with – can be paints, or any crayons, pencils etc you have at home


Start by decorating your sheets of coloured paper to add even more colour. You can let wee ones do this however they chose as long as they are having fun. Our baby is using her feet but you could try hand prints with the paint pad or finger print dots. Or let older ones design a pattern. Do about 5-10 sheets depending on how long you want your chain and then leave these to dry

Once dry you need to cut each bit of paper longwise into strips roughly the width of a ruler.

Now roll the first strip into a ring and hold in place with a dot of glue. Take the next strip, feed it through the first ring then roll it into a ring as well and glue. Toddlers and up will be able to help you do this bit. Now keep going until you have a beautiful garland to hang up in your house.

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