This activity can be made very cheaply using regular paper or any leftover wrapping paper or other recycling paper you have around the house. You can also try musical paper, like we have, or old book pages. Wee ones can use their imagination to add some colour and then practice their fine motor skills by helping you to fold the wings.

You need:

  • Paper – you can use recycled papers or some from your pack
  • Scissors (keep away from young children)
  • Some string or ribbon to hang
  • Paint to decorate (or could use pens, crayons etc if you don’t have paint)


You need to cut out a robin body from paper or card. There is a template below that you can use. You might like to do this before wee ones start helping if they are too young for scissors. Now little ones can help you to add some colour using the paint pad or any other colouring materials you have. Here the baby did a handprint tummy using the paint pad and the older one painted freehand. You can go traditional and add a red tummy or just let them use their imagination. Making fingerprints using the pad looks cute for feathers.

While the bird dries fold the wings. You need a bit roughly A4 sized and any paper you like will work. Show little ones how to fold this into a concertina like a fan by folding first one way then the other and repeating till you reach the end.

Now fold the concertina in half and feed the folded concertina through the slit in the body and then open it out to make wings. You can staple or glue a piece of string or ribbon where the two wings meet at the top to make a loop. Hang and enjoy.




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