Messy Sessions at DCA

Art at the Start run creative and messy sessions at the DCA. These are open to all families with babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers. In the sessions we will be inspired by the current gallery exhibition to come up with lots of fun art ideas with our youngest visitors in mind.

Photographed by David P Scott. All rights reserved.

We will  have a sensory activity as well as some art ideas. We hope that you will have fun getting messy with your little ones and come away with lots of ideas to try at home.

Photographed by David P Scott. All rights reserved.

Art making together can bring so much joy to very young children and their grown-ups. And while you make art together, you and your baby are also sharing something important. Art making together creates wonderful moments of connection. We believe that making art is amazing for little ones sense of self as they see the adults in their lives respond positively to their creations. Playing with art materials also gives young children new and stimulating sensory experiences. By helping your baby enjoy these experiences, you are teaching them not to be afraid to explore the world. 

“I had expected that we would both have lots of fun, but what I didn’t fully expect was how much closer we felt afterwards. My baby really enjoyed the freedom of the session and I found it so relaxing and joyful to create things together.”

Sessions are free but need booked through the DCA website.