The snow is providing lots of opportunities for wee ones to have creative fun outside. If you are bored of snowmen try some snow painting. This is relaxed as a parent as you don’t need to worry about mess outside and it’s so simple to set up. This activity is nice for babies and toddlers as the colours look extra vibrant on the snow and they don’t need to press hard to get a strong mark. It’s also a sensory experience to feel the snow and see it melt in the paint. Just wrap up warm!

painting onto snow

You need:

  • Water based paints (or you could use food colouring)
  • Brushes or spoons
  • trays or bowls
  • Snow!

Chose some brightly coloured paints and mix them with the same amount again of water as they will be easier to play with if they are runny. Make sure paints are water based. Now set them up on the snow with either brushes or spoons and invite wee ones to explore them and see what marks they can make.

You could try showing them how to brush it on gently, or dab and make coloured holes in the snow, or splatter it from a height.

splatting paint into snow
coloured paint poured onto snow

We also tried adding the snow into the paint pots once there was enough space and this worked well to mix up and make coloured snow castles or to roll into a ball for coloured snow balls.

With some extra bowls and toy cooking sets this could become a fun ‘snow kitchen’ activity mixing up pretend food or potions.

Have fun experimenting together!

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