The University seeks to transform lives locally and globally, driven by our core values of valuing people, working together, integrity, making a difference, and excellence. The Global Health Challenge (GHC)  is an opportunity created for people from across different knowledge domains to work together to make a difference and transform lives by tackling one of the key challenges that the University has identified: improving social, cultural and physical well-being.

Launched in October 2016 this annual initiative seeks to develop genuine solutions in an enterprising and entrepreneurial way, tackling the wicked problem of health equality under a range of themes. Following a two-year break due to the Covid-19 pandemic the GHC relaunches in 2022 with is also linking to the issues of climate change and sustainability given their impact on public health.

As a collective we are fuelled by a need to think radically about the future for global health and social care and we are motivated by the amplified use of Hackathons, BarCamps, Design Sprints and Jams in business that use the power of human centred design to solve real, everyday issues and accelerate innovation.

In the initiative, we seek fresh thinking students (Level 2 and Level 3) equipped with a pioneering attitude from across all nine Schools in the University, who are willing to volunteer to work on tackling global health challenges over a 5-week period. They will be gifted with learning and practicing five skills for enterprise: creative problem solving; deep listening; immersive empathy; networking and visualization. They will be encouraged to see the world differently, to be concerned with social justice and uncover deep insights – receiving input from a remarkable list of local organisations, national industry speakers and recognized mentors from business, design, healthcare and academia to inspire and inform their work on innovation.

Our local partner organisations to date have included: The Archie Foundation; DialOp ; PAMIS; Homeless Populations; Amina; Deaf Hub. Faith in Community, Hearing Voices and NHS Primary Care. In 2022 we are working with NHS Tayside, the Green Health Partnership, Dundee City Council, DUSA and the University of Dundee.

This blog is the GHC’s online home where we will share information about the challenges and the team’s creative work.

For inquiries and further information contact: Natalie Lafferty, Head, Centre or Technology & Innovation on Learning. Email: n.t.lafferty@dundee.ac.uk