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The Circle Café is an employability and training programme for looked after young people and care leavers. This project aims to enhance the capabilities of young people by developing their skills and offering support, developing them to become peer mentors who can then deliver this training themselves. This project is run by The Circle in partnership with Dundee City Council, Leisure & Culture Dundee and Barnardo’s Works. The Circle is a Social Enterprise and a community hub providing affordable work, training, event space for charities, community groups, individuals, social enterprises and socially-aware businesses to thrive and improve lives.

The Circle Café currently employs a Café Manager, Café Supervisor and one Young Start Trainee. Since opening a few months ago, it has had steady attendance over lunchtime and has a growing list of corporate clients who order buffets.

The Challenge

This challenge focuses on how should third sector organisations create a working environment that supports young, care experienced people who are considered to have had Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) to become more confident, skilled and employable. What standards should be set for organisations attempting to be inclusive towards these young people and how do we ensure that it’s affordable while operating on limited resources?