Big Day Out

Challenge Sponsor

PAMIS are a charitable organisation who provide support to people with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD), their families, carers and interested professionals. They offer practical help in the form of training and information, individual support, assistance with accessing community resources and they also lobby to influence policy and improve services both locally and nationally for those with PMLD and their families.

The Challenge

Hi!  My name’s Lauren.  I can’t speak but I’m really good at noticing what’s going on around me and it looks like today’s going to be a very busy day.  Maybe we’re going to have our big day out with my friend Jason.  He’s a lot like me but even bouncier.

Here’s my mum.  She talks a lot! ‘We’ll have to take a picnic. There’s no room in the café for the wheelchair.  Someone sort out the bag with the pads and the spare clothes and the emergency meds.  Is the wheelchair in the back of the car? We should take Lauren to the loo before we go.  Don’t forget the wet wipes – we’ll probably have to clean the floor in the disabled toilets again. Oh, and raincoats and the picnic rug and……………..’

Here’s my dad.  He doesn’t talk a lot!   ‘I’m on it.’

Here’s my wee sister: She moans a lot!   ‘Do we have to go to that park again?.  It’s soooo boring.  Why can’t we go somewhere more fun and exciting.’

Mum says: How are we going to find somewhere exciting for Lauren and Jason and suitable for the wheelchair?’

Dad says: ‘Can we all just get in the car?’

We’re off at last!  But, oh the things you have to do to keep your family entertained at the weekend. I’m quite worn out watching them and we’re not even out of the drive yet.

Imagine you’re a member of Lauren’s family. Frame a challenge that inspires fresh ideas around finding and accessing a fun day out for a person with PMLD and her family might be addressed.