2022/23 Challenges

Following a break due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are delighted to be restarting the Global Health Challenge in for 2022/23. With growing concerns around the impact that climate change is having on public health our challenges this year have a climate and sustainability focus. The challenges also link with key themes in Dundee City Council’s Sustainable Dundee Strategy and the University’s ambitions and strategy around net zero. From a health perspective the challenges also offer an opportunity to address themes of isolation, well being and mental health, issues which were exacerbated through Covid lockdowns and restrictions on socialising. There are links with green prescribing and an opportunity to think about how we design and develop net zero health care and education.

You can find out more in each challenge by following the links below.

  1. Simplifying Recycling – addressing challenges of waste contamination
  2. Taking pride in our city – tackling loneliness and isolation
  3. The circular campus – building a circular economy on campus that also promotes well-being and builds community
  4. Tackling he cost-of-living crisis – developing support for students and promoting positive health and well-being
  5. Promoting green health – increasing the profile of green health/prescribing and raising awareness of its benefits
  6. Becoming a net zero Dental School – strategies to help the Dental School and Dundee Dental Hospital reach their net zero aspirations.

The Global Health Challenge 2022/23 (GHC23) kicks off on Wednesday 25January with an afternoon launch event and runs over 5 consecutive Wednesday afternoon’s culminating on Wednesday 22 February with each challenge team presenting their projects.