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Signpost International are a small, faith-based community development organisation that have been working in partnership with communities and local organisations around the globe for more than twenty-five years, helping them to address their pressing needs ranging from improved livelihoods and agricultural practices, access to safe water and sanitation, and realisation of rights and responsibilities. This last strand of their work comes under the banner of Global Citizenship which, in a local Dundee context, is about working with people to understand their place in the world and the responsibilities that come along with that.

Signpost’s office is situated in the Whitfield area of the city and being classed as an area of high multiple deprivation they are only too aware of the challenges  faced by so many on their doorstep. Currently they let out space to a number of charities serving the local community including: a pay-what-you-can-café, a mental health gardening charity, an addiction charity, a cooking class for local residents, keep fit classes for young mums, mobile dental service provision, arts and music groups, fellowship meetings, and others.

Signpost have ambitious plans to redevelop their existing Centre into a local hub, the Centre for Global Learning, where they will educate people about local and global issues of poverty and sustainable development.  They aspire that the Centre will become an interactive and engaging space for young people to gain a deeper understanding of the diversity, fragility and richness of life, which will ultimately lead onto encouraging the young people to be better citizens and neighbours. Their vision is that the Centre will become the vehicle through which young people will act as the drivers of change to bring about positive transformations in their local and global community.

The Challenge

The challenge is to create innovative and accessible tools and approaches to introduce young people and the wider community to concepts such as global poverty, development and wellbeing in relation to themes such as food security. Could comics, physical spaces, various forms of artwork or other novel approaches be developed to communicate these themes and stimulate engagement and learning.