Tackling the cost of living crisis

Food and fuel poverty and insecurity have been longstanding issues within the Dundee Community. These issues have been associated with individuals living in poverty and diet and the lack of fresh food in certain areas of Dundee. However, the current fuel price increases and the overall increase in inflation are collectively leading to a cost-of-living crisis across the UK impacting millions of households. More and more individuals and families are facing challenges in heating their homes and in nutritional deficits as the price of food escalates, impacting on both health and mental wellbeing. Inequalities across our society are becoming increasingly pronounced.

Students are also impacted by these issues. Various surveys throughout the Covid pandemic highlighted that growing numbers of students were struggling to afford food. Over the past few months articles in the press have highlighted the financial challenges that students are likely to face in the current crisis.

The Challenge

DUSA has recognised these challenges too. Having developed a cost-of-living policy they are now starting to explore what they can do to act out that policy.

What initiatives do you think could be developed to support the Dundee student community with the challenges resulting from the current cost-of-living crisis and help promote positive health and well-being? Could these initiatives also be developed further and applied more widely to the local community?