Net zero Dental School and Hospital

Scotland is home to ‘Net Zero Dentistry’, a UK initiative that has started to look at how the dental profession can start to take small steps of change that will have a positive impact on the environment. Closer to home the Dental School is working to become a net zero dental school and seeking to work with staff, NHS colleagues, patients and students to achieve its goal.

Single-use plastic is a key challenge in Dentistry that contributes to a massive amount of waste and pollution. This is an issue that’s been compounded by the need for great infection control due to Covid-19. There are complex challenges and hence why ‘Net Zero Dentistry’ is looking to see what small changes can deliver a positive impact.

The Challenge

What small steps could Dundee Dental School and the dental Hospital take to help it move towards being net zero? Could some of these steps also have the potential to inform and shape a model that other Schools and Directorates could adopt to support the University’s ambitions around net zero.