Our publications from 2017 up to 2011

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  • See Figures here
  • Our VHL dimerizer/degrader CM11 and inactive epimer CMP98 are available from Tocris (April 2018)
  • Find out more about CM11 in the Chemical Probes Portal
  • Highlighted as “Promising PROTAC” in the 2020s Top Probes list of the Chemical Probes Portal


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  • See Figures here
  • Featured in the SLS News website
  • Access the coordinates of our pentameric complex crystal structure in the Protein DataBank: PDB entry code is 5N4W


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  • See Figures here
  • Access the coordinates of our domain-peptide complex crystal structure in the Protein Data Bank: PDB entry code is 5T8R


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  • See Figures here
  • Featured in the UoD and SLS News websites
  • Highlighted in Drug Discovery Today and Phys.org
  • Access the coordinates of our protein-ligand co-crystal structure in the Protein DataBank: PDB entry code is 5LLI
  • FInd out more about VH298 in the Chemical Probes Portal
  • Our VHL inhibitor VH298 and inactive epimer cis-VH298 are available from Tocris (from April 2017)


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  • See Figures here
  • Featured in the UoD and CLS News websites
  • Featured in BBC News
  • Listed amongst Most Read Articles in ACS Chem. Biol. (1 and 12 months frameworks)
  • Find out more about MZ1 in the Chemical Probes Portal
  • Our Brd4 degrader PROTAC MZ1 and the inactive epimer cis-MZ1 are available from Tocris (from April 2017)
  • MZ1 (and cis-MZ1) are available from Boehringer Ingelheim’s OpnMe Portal: order for free, no strings attached!


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  •  See Figures here


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J. Med. Chem. 201457 (20), 8657-8663

  • See Figures here
  • Top Most Read Article in the journal (12 months timeframe)
  • Our VHL ligand VH032-amide and its inactive epimer cis-VH032, as well as various functionalized versions e.g. VHL-ligand plus linkers are available from Tocris
  • Access the coordinates of our VHL-liganded co-crystal structures in the Protein DataBank: PDB entry codes are 4W9C4W9D4W9E4W9F4W9G4W9H (VHL bound to ligand 7, aka VH032), 4W9I4W9J4W9K and 4W9L


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  • See Figures here
  • Highlighted in Practical Fragments
  • 4th Most-Read Article in ACS Med. Chem. Lett. (Nov-Dec 2013)


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  • Selected as a “Hot paper” by the Editors of Angew. Chem. and Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.


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  • Top Most-Accessed Article in August 2011