Strathmore: 26th July 2006

Match: Strathmore
Venue: Strathmore
Date: 26 July 2006
Format: Friendly – 20 overs per side
Toss: Strathmore who chose to bat
Result: DUSCC won by 5 wickets

Strathmore innings

Batsman How Out Bowler Score
G Prentice bowled Boarder 1
C McDonald bowled Boarder 0
D Sayers run out 11
N Mitton c Rogers Anderson 22
J Bradley bowled Tiernan 1
G Hewitson jr c Boarder Cummings 29
R Booth run out 1
G Hewitson sr run out 6
I Cran c Anderson Cummings 3
R Sayers bowled Cummings 0
Extras 18
TOTAL 97 all out

Bowling: D Chadee 3-0-4-0; S Boarder 3-0-8-2; J Pravin 3-1-7-0; A Nair 3-0-14-0; S Tiernan 3-0-9-1; W Anderson 3-0-31-1; S Cummings 2-0-6-3

FoW: 1-2; 2-5; 3-34; 4-45; 5-57; 6-84; 7-95; 8-95; 9-97; 10-97

DUSCC innings

Batsman How Out Bowler Score
V Gopalakrishnan caught Hewitson jr 10
R Miller caught Hewitson sr 11
S Tiernan bowled Cran 0
A Nair caught McDonald 18
J Pravin caught Prentice 15
S Rodgers not out 23
S Boarder not out 2
Extras 19
TOTAL 98 for 5

Bowling: G Prentice 4-1-20-1; G Hewitson jr 3-0-10-1; I Cran 3-0-14-1; J Bradley 3-0-5-0; G Hewitson sr 3-0-9-1; C McDonald 3-0-21-1

FoW: 1-13; 2-15; 3-45; 4-65; 5-84


DUSCC achieved an excellent win over Strathmore in a game which was tightly contested but played in an excellent spirit. Early wickets left Strathmore 5-2 batting first but solid rebuilding and good hitting at the end of their innings enabled them to reach 97. Steve Cummings bowled effectively at the end to obtain figures of 2-0-6-3. The DUSCC innings started steadily rather than spectacularly, and it needed some big hitting from John Pravin and a penultimate over 6 from Scott Rodgers, who again played the role of finisher to his customary effect, to help us over the winning line.