DUSCC – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of matches do you play?

A: We play Wednesday evening friendly fixtures against local sides in Dundee, Fife, Angus and Perthshire. Attractive grounds with close proximity to a pub are preferred. Most matches are 20 overs per side, starting at around 6pm. We do play a semi-competitive game against St Andrews University Staff Cricket Club for the Ferrier Cup; this is a 25-over game when conditions permit, with the venue alternating between the two teams.

Q: Who is eligible to play for DUSCC?

A: We welcome all staff members and postgraduate students of Dundee University. But since some loyal and long-standing DUSCC players are non-University members, we tend not to be too restrictive!

Q: What standard is the cricket?

A: The emphasis is much more on enjoying our cricket than playing to very high standards! Our members tend to range from good quality Club cricketers, to those who would very much like to be good quality Club cricketers but definitely never will be, to those who like the fresh air and ‘exercise’ and any trip to the pub afterwards. In other words anyone is welcome – whatever your age, gender, ability etc… In each game, wherever possible, we look to give everyone a bat or a bowl.

Q: Is there much competition for places?

A: In recent years, not a great deal! We are always on the lookout for new players, and whenever you fancy a game you will normally get one. We will look to give priority to those who want to turn out on a regular basis. We may look to get a slightly more experienced team out for the Ferrier Cup game against St Andrews (see above).

Q: Are there annual subs or match fees?

A: We do not charge an annual subscription. Match fees as of 2012 onwards are £3 per player per match (we have raised this to meet the rising costs of hiring a home pitch for the likes of the Ferrier Cup and Mallion games). Players making their debut appearance for the club are not required to pay this fee. Match fees are used to cover the cost of home games, and, from time to time, to buy items of kit, and pay for minor costs such as engraving of trophies and awards.

Q: What is the situation with insurance?

A: If you play for the Staff Club you do so at your own risk.

Q: Are whites essential? And do you provide kit?

A: No, whites are not essential by any means. We do provide bats, gloves, pads, keeping gloves, thigh pads, etc. You will probably prefer to supply your own box… Any surplus from match fees collected (rare) can be used to purchase new kit for the club so the kitbag does get regularly updated.

Q: What about transport to matches?

A: We rely on some players having cars and offering lifts to others. Those who are offering or who require lifts will normally meet outside the Tower building main reception at between 5pm and 5.15pm, depending on the length of the drive for that evening. If players are based at Ninewells we try and ensure that a car goes from there too, but it does depend on who is playing each game: sometimes we may require players based at Ninewells to make their way to the City campus for their lift.

Q: Do you have a home ground?

A: No. The University’s Riverside sports ground used to be our home venue, but since renovation was undertaken there in 2011 cricket has not been played there. We therefore try to arrange most of our matches away from home. This makes the games more interesting and saves on ground fees, which we can find a bit steep for a club of our means. However, for the odd game where we do need a ‘home’ venue we are looking to hire a local pitch – as of 2017 this may have to be Dawson Park.

Q: Do you have nets?

A: Nets? What are they? At the moment, we do not arrange regular pre- or mid-season net sessions. We are rethinking this though, as sufficient evidence of interest arises. Otherwise we face the prospect of bowling or facing our first ball of the season having done nothing cricket-related since the previous summer, which can be a bit daunting…

Q: Is there regular weekend and league cricket?

Not involving DUSCC. We do not play weekend matches or in a league – it’s not that sort of club. Some of our members do play for local league sides in the Strathmore Union which organises a number of divisions covering most of Tayside, Angus and some teams in Aberdeen, Perthshire, and Fife. League matches are normally 45 overs per side. Friendly weekend matches are also arranged. If you are interested in playing weekend cricket, Norwood CC is a friendly, cosmopolitan local club that a number of DUSCC members play for. However there are plenty of other good local teams around.