St Andrews Uni Staff CC: 24th June 2009 (Ferrier Cup)

Match: St Andrews Uni Staff
Venue: St Andrews
Date: 24 June 2009
Format: Ferrier Cup game – 25 overs per side
Toss: DUSCC who chose to bowl
Result: DUSSC won by 4 wickets

St Andrews Uni innings

Batsman How Out Bowler Score
S Frankland lbw Reid 36
D Miller caught Amar 16
T Clemens bowled Reid 9
D Davies st Rodgers Dayal 15
D Bransden lbw MacDonald 1
P Mudd c Dixon Dayal 2
C Oberoi not out 36
G Hall bowled Dayal 0
A Stewart not out 2
Extras 17
TOTAL 134-6

FoW: 1-38; 2-61; 3-82; 4-84; 5-85; 6-92

Bowling: M Dixon 5-0-22-0; A MacDonald 5-0-36-1; Amar 5-0-23-1; C Reid 5-0-21-2; S Dayal 5-1-29-3

DUSCC innings

Batsman How Out Bowler Score
V Gopalakrishnan bowled Davies 15
C Reid bowled Davies 15
Amar c Stewart Miller 19
M Dixon caught Smith 12
A MacDonald bowled Davies 14
J Southalan bowled Smith 11
S Rodgers not out 16
R Miller not out 4
Extras 34
TOTAL 140 for 6

FoW: 1-50; 2-52; 3-70; 4-101; 5-105; 6-128

Bowling: A Stewart 5-0-31-0; P Jess 2-0-18-0; S Frankland 3-1-8-0; D Davies 5-0-28-3; A Smith 4-0-21-2; D Miller 3.1-0-22-1


DUSCC’s winning run was extended in a very satisfying fashion, with the recapture of the Ferrier Cup in the special 25-over format against our counterparts from over the water. DUSCC won by 4 wickets, with 2.5 overs to spare. After winning the toss, Scott Rogers asked St Andrews to bat and they started well, reaching 38 off the first six overs. Their scoring then slowed as DUSCC’s bowlers began to make inroads: Saurabh was leading wicket-taker with three, and Colin Reid in characteristically parsimonious form, conceded only 21 from five overs with two vital wickets taken. St Andrews closed on 134-7, leaving DUSCC with a tricky required rate total of 5.5 per over.

In reply, DUSCC got off to a splendid start, albeit with a healthy contribution from ‘Extras’ (which eventually top scored with 34). The ball was really swinging around (at least that’s what their bowlers said in explaining the generous assortment of wides) and DUSCC were well ahead of the asking rate with Varun and Colin Reid accumulating over 7 per over before the first wicket fell in the 7th. Now needing only a shade over 4 per over, steady progress was maintained and no-one was out for less than double figures (this might well be a club record…) At the end of over 22, Richard Miller brought the scores level with a boundary deftly turned to fine leg and, off the first ball of the 23rd, Scott Rogers danced up the pitch as soon as the ball had left the bowler’s hand to slam the winning six over long on.

Thanks go to St Andrews for providing a venue for a game DUSCC were technically hosting and for playing with good humour and admirable graciousness in defeat.

– Alan MacDonald