St Andrews Uni Staff: 16th May 2012

Match: St Andrews University Staff CC
Venue: St Andrews
Date: 16 May 2012
Format: 20 overs per side
Toss: DUSCC who chose to bowl
Result: St Andrews University Staff won by 46 runs

St Andrews University Staff innings

Batsman How Out Bowler Score
D Bransden caught Parthasarathy 11
J Allaway bowled Adelman 38
T Clemens bowled Adelman 12
A Shakoor caught Evans 0
S Frankland not out 46
H Kulaindevelu not out 4
Extras 18
TOTAL 129 for 4

Bowling: B Smith 4-0-19-0; S Pathasarathy 4-0-18-1; Sarfraz 4-0-33-0; R Adelman 4-1-18-2; A Evans 4-0-36-1

FoW: 1-14; 2-59; 3-61; 4-89

DUSCC innings

Batsman How Out Bowler Score
R Adelman c Kulaindevelu Shakoor 29
C Reid lbw Davies 10
S Mackin bowled Jess 0
A Bhattacharjee not out 11
A MacDonald run out 2
S Barclay st Roy Jess 0
B Smith bowled Kulaindevelu 10
S Parthasarathy bowled Kulaindevelu 4
A Evans bowled Bransden 0
Sarfraz not out 4
Extras 13
TOTAL 83 for 8

Bowling: A Davies 4-1-12-1; S Frankland 4-0-19-0; A Shakoor 4-1-12-1; P Jess 4-0-18-2; H Kulaindevelu 2-0-12-2; D Bransden 2-0-8-1

FoW: 1-24; 2-36; 3-48; 4-52; 5-52; 6-68; 7-77; 8-78


DUSCC came a distant second in its second game of the 2012 season with a 46 run defeat to our counterparts at St Andrews. The game followed very similar lines to the previous week’s, with the opposition posting a healthy but perhaps not insurmountable score of 129, based on a second wicket partnership of 45 and an undefeated stand of 40 for the fifth wicket, with Stan Frankland contributing the lion’s share. Richard Adelman again showed glimpses of his class with 29 but when he was third out with the score on 48, DUSCC was unable to rebuild and score quickly enough to reach the target. Arnab Bhattacharjee at least showed some stickability against his old team as he remained undefeated on 11 when our 20 overs ran out.