St. Andrews: 5th July 2006

Match: St Andrews Staff CC
Venue: Riverside
Date: 5 July 2006
Format: Ferrier Cup Match – 25 overs per side
Toss: DUSCC who chose to bat
Result: DUSCC won by 22 runs

DUSCC innings

Batsman How Out Bowler Score
P Yearworth lbw Jess 54
N Shah c Agate Gilmore 5
C Reid caught Frankland 19
J Pravin bowled Smith 18
S Rodgers bowled Smith 0
T Allen caught Agate 18
S Boarder caught Frankland 2
A Bell bowled Frankland 2
A Nair c & b Agate 2
R Miller not out 1
W Anderson caught Agate 0
Extras 43
TOTAL 161 all out

Bowling : J Gilmore 5-0-19-1; E Cackett 2-0-23-0; T Green 4-0-32-0; B Agate 2-0-7-3; A Smith 5-0-36-2; P Jess 2-0-34-1; S Frankland 3-1-6-3

FoW: 1-42; 2-92; 3-136; 4-136; 5-138; 6-151; 7-159; 8-161; 9-161; 10-161

St Andrews Staff CC innings

Batsman How Out Bowler Score
C Hall bowled Rodgers 23
R Dilley run out 24
S Frankland c Reid Boarder 4
M Harris bowled Miller 37
T Greene bowled Allen 7
J Gilmore lbw Allen 13
A Finlay not out 12
B Agate not out 3
Extras 17
TOTAL 139 for 6

Bowling: A Nair 5-1-16-0; J Pravin 3-0-6-0; S Boarder 5-0-21-1; S Rodgers 4-0-18-1; W Anderson 2-0-22-0; T Allen 4-0-33-2; R Miller 2-0-17-1

FoW: 1-49; 2-57; 3-59; 4-75; 5-123; 6-125


DUSCC retained the Ferrier Cup with a hard-fought win by 22 runs, set up by excellent top order batting from Pete Yearworth (54) and a good all-round bowling and fielding effort in defence of 161. Pete’s contribution enabled DUSCC to get off to an excellent start, aided by a large number of extras. However, after his departure the innings fell away alarmingly, and we lost our last wicket with 2 overs still left, and the last 8 wickets having contributed just 25 runs. Although St Andrews got off to a solid start, adding 49 for the first wicket, they fell gradually behind the rate required, and the DUSCC bowling, if not penetrative, was tight enough for St Andrews not to be able to regain the initiative.