St. Andrews: 14th June 2006

Match: St Andrews Staff CC
Venue: St Andrews
Date: 14 June 2006
Format: Friendly – 20 overs per side
Toss: St Andrews who chose to bowl
Result: DUSCC won by 10 runs

DUSCC innings

Batsman How Out Bowler Score
N Shah c A Smith b Richardson 0
V Gopalakrishnan bowled Cackett 0
A Bell c P Jess b Richardson 3
R Miller stumped b Frankland 22
J Ramsay bowled Smith 6
S Cummings bowled P Jess 8
J Pravin not out 15
S Boarder not out 11
Extras 13
TOTAL 78 for 6

Bowling: S Richardson 2-0-2-2; E Cackett 2-0-2-1; A Smith 4-0-24-1; P Jess 4-0-7-0; P C Jess 4-0-7-1; S Frankland 4-0-26-1

FoW: 1-0; 2-4; 3-6; 4-17; 5-52; 6-52

St Andrews Staff innings

Batsman How Out Bowler Score
C Hall bowled Anderson 18
A Finlay run out 8
J Gilmore bowled Anderson 11
J Darling bowled Anderson 1
A Trew run out 1
E Cackett c Ramsay b Miller 1
S Richardson not out 9
S Frankland run out 6
P Jess bowled Pravin 0
P C Jess bowled Pravin 0
A Smith bowled Pravin 0
Extras 12
TOTAL 68 all out

Bowling: J Pravin 3-0-8-3; S Boarder 2-0-5-0; V Gopalakrishnan 2-0-10-0; S Cummings 2-0-13-0; W Anderson 4-0-10-3; T Allen 2-0-6-0; R Miller 3-1-7-1

FoW: 1-23; 2-46; 3-49; 4-51; 5- 51; 6-58; 7- 67; 8-68; 9-68; 10-68


DUSCC pulled off a highly unlikely win in this friendly with our neighbours the St Andrews Staff CC, when John Pravin took a hat-trick with the last three balls of the game – all clean bowled – to help dismiss St Andrews for 68. For the first 95% of the game, a routine win for St Andrews looked on the cards; they took a wicket with the first ball of the game as DUSCC limped to 17-4. Richard Miller’s patient knock of 22 helped to shore things up, and allowed some late hitting from John – who hit an enormous 6, seemingly into the next parish – and Steve Boarder, taking DUSCC’s final 20-over score to 78. I think we were probably indebted to St Andrews’ captain for allowing us to make a bit of a game of it at the end of our innings… When St Andrews batted they started reasonably slowly, and were then snared by the gentle off-spinning wiles of captain Willie Anderson. He took 3 top-order wickets at a cost of just 10 runs, and three run-outs during a good performance in the field then set the scene for John’s bowling heroics.