Kinloch: 29th April 2009

Match: Kinloch
Venue: Dawson Park
Date: 29 April 2009
Format: Friendly – 18 overs/10 players per side
Toss: DUSCC who chose to bat
Result: DUSSC won by 1 run

DUSCC innings

Batsman How Out Bowler Score
C Reid bowled Ahmed 21
S Boarder bowled Martin 10
N Rahamattulla c Dyer Moiz 10
A MacDonald lbw Ahmed 4
S Kothiya c Martin Ahmed 0
S Rodgers bowled Dyer 14
A Bell bowled Ahmed 0
J Southalan bowled Ahmed 0
R Miller not out 2
K Dherwani bowled Dyer 0
Extras 24
TOTAL 85 all out

FoW: not recorded

Bowling: B Smith 3-0-18-0; K Martin 4-0-18-1; S Ahmed 4-2-8-5; V Moiz 2-0-21-1; R Bowman 2-1-3-0; R Dyer 2-0-8-2

Kinloch innings

Batsman How Out Bowler Score
K McGregor bowled Boarder 20
V Moiz c Rahamattulla MacDonald 11
S Ahmed c Miller Rahamattulla 6
V Gopalakrishnan lbw MacDonald 0
R Dyer bowled Reid 9
T Ahmed lbw Boarder 2
K Martin bowled Dherwani 2
B Smith not out 10
R Bowman run out 9
Extras 12
TOTAL 84 all out

FoW: not recorded

Bowling: N Rahamattulla 4-0-14-1; A MacDonald 4-0-26-2; S Boarder 4-1-16-2; C Reid 2-0-9-1; K Dherwani 2.5-0-15-1; J Southalan 1-0-1-0


DUSCC managed its first win of the 2009 season in a low-scoring affair with a dramatic finish. On another Dawson Park pitch most politely described as interesting, DUSCC made a reasonable start, largely through Colin Reid’s patient 21 (ended by a ridiculous shooter from a short length), but middle order wickets fell in a tumble and the maximum 18 overs were not seen through as we limped to 85 all out.

Kinloch’s innings ran along very similar lines, a solid enough start undone by a clatter of middle order wickets (aided, admittedly, by some over-friendly Kinloch umpiring, including one which fired out Varun Gopalakrishnan, guesting for his weekend club against us, for a quacker). The last-wicket partnership threatened to steal the game, but with 2 runs needed for the win and 2 balls remaining, Kinloch attempted a single to mid-wicket. Steve Boarder was fielding there, so a safe enough bet you’d have thought – however Steve’s throw hit the stumps direct at the bowler’s end with the batsman just short. This improbable event meant a DUSCC win by the margin of 1 run with 1 ball to spare. Thanks go to Kinloch for a very enjoyable game, and agreeing to play it on a pitch known not to be amongst their favourites.