DU Students XI: 22nd April 2009

Match: DU Students XI
Venue: Dawson Park
Date: 22 April 2009
Format: Friendly – 20 overs per side
Toss: DU Students XI
Result: DU Students won by 2 wickets

DUSCC innings

Batsman How Out Bowler Score
C Reid bowled Cheema 0
S Boarder stumped Cadman 35
S Kothiya bowled Cheema 0
N Rahamattulla bowled Cadman 23
S Dayal c Arslen Cheema 4
M Stephenson bowled Pickles 5
D Petrie bowled Risk 0
J Southalan stumped Cadman 0
A Bell bowled Arslen 1
M Dixon not out 10
K Dherwani not out 0
Extras 32
TOTAL 110 for 9

FoW: 1-1; 2-11; 3-64; 4-86; 5-94; 6-94; 7-94; 8-96; 9-104

Bowling: I Cheema 4-1-12-3; M Arslen 4-0-24-1; Bilal 3-0-18-0; B Risk 3-0-9-1; S Cadman 4-0-20-3; T Cooley 1-0-9-0; T Pickles 1-0-10-1

DU Students innings

Batsman How Out Bowler Score
T Pickles bowled Petrie 0
Tanner c Boarder Dixon 0
B Risk bowled Petrie 0
Sadat bowled Kothiya 8
Cheema c Boarder Rahamattulla 17
S Cadman bowled Reid 12
T Cooley c Dherwani Rahamattulla 21
Jackson bowled Reid 0
Bilal not out 14
M Arslen not out 22
Extras 17
TOTAL 111-8

FoW: 1-0; 2-0; 3-7; 4-36; 5-37; 6-73; 7-73; 8-74

Bowling: D Petrie 3.2-0-13-2; M Dixon 4-0-12-1; K Dherwani 2-0-11-0; J Southalan 1-0-6-0; S Kothiya 1-0-10-1; M Stephenson 2-0-12-0; N Rahamattulla 4-0-29-2; C Reid 2-0-11-2


DUSCC’s first game of the 2009 season was a tense and exciting affair against a DU Students XI, played on a sporting early-season pitch at Dawson Park. The pudding usually to be found there had been replaced by something with the evenness and firmness of corrugated iron. Batting was not an easy affair for anyone, but a third wicket stand of 51 between Steve Boarder and Nizam Rahamattulla (who had an excellent all-round game on his debut) was the mainstay of a DUSCC total of 110 batting first (though Extras was also a healthy contributor).

Early wickets reduced the Students in reply to 0-2 and 37-5. Dennis Petrie and Miles Dixon bowled well and some good catches were held, two of them by a frankly startled makeshift wicketkeeper. However plenty of useful batting resource down the order saw the Students over the winning line, with 2 wickets and 4 balls left.