Almond Valley: 7th July 2010

Match: Almond Valley
Venue: Doocot Park
Date: 7 July 2010
Format: 20 overs per side
Toss: DUSCC who chose to bowl
Result: DUSCC won by 7 wickets

Almond Valley innings

Batsman How Out Bowler Score
A le Roux c Mayank Smith 0
P Hay c Miller Mayank 4
A Deacon c Rodgers Mayank 4
D Hamilton bowled Vinesh 3
J Soni c Rodgers Vinesh 9
A Nachankar c Miller Shahzad 0
D Cuthill c Mayank Southalan 10
A Bird run out 14
S Deshpandar not out 12
S Rawther bowled Miller 0
N Wood run out 0
Extras 26
TOTAL 76 all out

Bowling: B Smith 3-1-9-1; Mayank 3-1-6-2; Vinesh 4-1-16-2; Shahzad 2-0-13-1; J Southalan 3-0-9-1; R Miller 2-0-6-1; N Jaivendhar 1-0-8-0; Siva 1-0-6-0

FoW: 1-0; 2-8; 3-14; 4-19; 5-21; 6-37; 7-54; 8-61; 9-63; 10-76

DUSCC innings

Batsman How Out Bowler Score
D Heather bowled Deshpandar 18
J Southalan bowled le Roux 6
N Jaivendhar not out 34
Vinesh stumped Cuthill 7
Siva not out 8
Extras 2
TOTAL 77 for 3

Bowling: J Soni 2-0-16-0; A le Roux 4-0-8-1; S Deshpandar 4-0-13-1; D Cuthill 4-0-23-1; S Rawther 3-0-16-0

FoW: 1-20; 2-35; 3-59


DUSCC went 3-2 up in its best of 7 series with Almond Valley after this 7-wicket win at a Doocot Park pitch made even more attractive than usual with the fleeting appearance of a crystal clear double rainbow (but without much accompanying rain). Attempting to reverse the last two losses at this venue Steve Boarder won the toss and elected to bowl first, and we were rewarded with a steady procession of wickets which started with the first ball of the match; Mayank took a superb catch at slip off Blair Smith to dismiss Valley’s dangerous South African talent Andre le Roux. Mayank showed further what a high quality player he is with a niggardly spell of bowling bringing two wickets plus a second astounding catch, this time at mid-wicket with the ball travelling towards him at a rate of knots. We were able to give 8 players a bowl and restrict Valley to 76 all out.

A steady chase saw Duncan Heather see off Valley’s increasingly rapid le Roux, and a really pleasing 34* on debut from Nagendar Jaivendhar; there is obviously plenty of talent there but not too much stamina yet judging by his running (or rather limping in both legs) towards the end!