Almond Valley: 31st May 2006

Match: Almond Valley
Venue: Doocot Park
Date: 31 May 2006
Format: Friendly – 20 overs per side
Toss: DUSCC who chose to bowl
Result: DUSCC won by 7 wickets

Almond Valley innings

Batsman How Out Bowler Score
J Taylor bowled Arun 11
J McKenzie bowled Arun 0
F Mearns bowled Cummings 2
A Christie bowled Boarder 1
G Williamson lbw Anderson 12
A McKenzie bowled Miller 14
A Mearns ct Sub Miller 5
D Cuthill ct Sub Anderson 5
D Hamilton run out 5
J McDonald not out 4
G McKenzie not out 1
Extras 17
TOTAL 77 for 9

Bowling: Arun Nair 3-0-12-2; J Pravin 3-0-13-0; S Boarder 4-0-12-1; S Cummings 4-1-10-1; W Anderson 3-1-11-2; R Miller 3-0-15-2

FoW: 1- 11; 2-21; 3-28; 4-28; 5-53; 6-55; 7-62; 8-63; 9-74

DUSCC innings

Batsman How Out Bowler Score
N Shah lbw Christie 31
S Boarder caught Taylor 4
S Cummings lbw A McKenzie 9
R Miller not out 11
J Pravin not out 11
Extras 13
TOTAL 79 for 3

Bowling: A McKenzie 3-0-11-1; G Williamson 3-1-8-0; G McKenzie 3-0-9-0; J Taylor 4-0-15-1; A Christie 3-0-11-1; D Cuthill 1.3-0-11-0

FoW: 1-44; 2-47; 3-67


DUSCC secured its first win of the 2006 season despite having only 7 players available… Almond Valley were as usual fine hosts, and supplied us with substitute fielders to make up our numbers when we bowled first. Wickets fell at regular intervals and the Almond Valley innings concluded with 77 on the board. Nimit Shah blazed away to great effect at one end in reply, and with steady accumulation at the other end – at least until John Pravin cleared the ropes for the winning hit – DUSCC reached its target with more than 2 overs to spare.