Abertay Uni: 3rd May 2010

Match: Abertay Uni Alumni / Students
Venue: Dawson Park
Date: 3 May 2010
Format: 16 overs per side
Toss: DUSCC who chose to bat
Result: DUSCC won by 36 runs

DUSCC innings

Batsman How Out Bowler Score
C Reid caught Stewart 38
S Boarder lbw Mohan 10
B Smith bowled Mohan 4
A MacDonald lbw Mohan 3
S Dayal bowled Leslie 7
A Bell not out 1
D Petrie bowled Stewart 3
M Dixon not out 3
Extras 28
TOTAL 96 for 6

Bowling: P Mohan 6-0-29-3; C Leslie 7-0-34-1; I Stewart 3-0-11-2

FoW: 1-33; 2-41; 3-45; 4-85; 5-87; 6-92

Abertay innings

Batsman How Out Bowler Score
P Mohan c Boarder Smith 14
I Stewart lbw Mayank 10
Chandan bowled Petrie 3
C Leslie c Petrie Bell 3
I Stewart caught Dixon 12
P Mohan lbw Petrie 0
C Leslie c & b Petrie 0
Chandan caught Dixon 5
Extras 13
TOTAL 60 for 8

Bowling: D Heather 2-0-10-0; Z Mayank 2-0-7-1; B Smith 2-0-6-1; S Boarder 2-0-9-0; S Dayal 2-0-10-0; A Bell 2-0-8-1; D Petrie 1-0-1-3; M Dixon 0.3-0-7-2

FoW: 1-18; 2-31; 3-37; 4-57; 5-57; 6-57; 7-58; 8-60


The inaugural game with Abertay did not prove a big success as late withdrawals had left Abertay with only 4 players available. Still, we made a game of it on a very cold night by making up their fielding when we batted, allowing their 3 bowlers to complete all their overs, and giving their batters a few lives each. Colin Reid’s excellent 38 formed the backbone of the DUSCC innings, and there was equally good fielding in the Abertay reply despite the muscle-tightening low temperatures, not least Dennis Petrie’s diving catch off his own bowling to complete a hat-trick (you can see why he made the effort for that one). In trying circumstances the DUSCC players selected should feel very proud of their efforts to make a worthwhile game of this one. Note: scorecard very approximate!