The ‘Wee Art in the Wee Forest’ pilot project was a collaboration between the learning team at Dundee Contemporary Arts and the GP’s at Douglas Medical Centre.

The Medical centre had recently developed a ‘wee forest’ – a nature scot initiative to increase biodiversity and community engagement in urban spaces. The staff were all keen for the space to be used by the community and approached DCA having seen other outdoor early years initiatives in partnership with University of Dundee. The teams worked together to think about how best to benefit the community and engage with families, bringing the shared wellbeing benefits of the arts and nature.

The pilot delivered 5 art sessions for local families using the outdoor space. We wanted to bring families together in the Wee Forest, in a gentle art making group. This aimed to increase little ones social confidence in a relaxed environment, offer fun, shared, creative experiences, and give families a sense of ownership of the Wee Forest.

Read our pilot report here:

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