ESCOP 2019

Recently, we presented some of our results investigating the origin of codability effects and dialectal representations at ESCOP in Tenerife. These results challenge recent theoretical claims from Nozari & Hepner (2018). They also shine additional light on how dialectal alternatives are stored and activated during production.

Click here to see the poster. Escop 2019 poster

Speaking about dialects at the ISSR Forum

New paper on semantic distance effects

My new paper on semantic distance effects is finally out in JEP:LMC. This paper, with Sebastian Rose, Sabrina Aristei, and Rasha Abdel Rahman, reports a picture-word interference experiment in which we manipulated semantic distance systematically within taxonomic hierarchies. We provide evidence from RTs, errors, and ERPs that close relationships (orangutan – gorilla) induce more semantic competition than far relationships (organutan – horse).

Check it out here