Celebrating 1 year of SCONe!

One year ago, the Scottish-EU Critical Oscillations Network was launched to connect researchers across Europe who are interested in brain rhythms. In 2022, SCONe saw amazing progress, hosting for the first time of an in-person meeting in Helsinki, Finland, as a satellite of the International Conference of Neuroscience! This meeting brought members together to discuss the next stages of our collaboration. We focused on shaping a position paper, a first joint publication that we progressed further through several online meetings over the course of the year. The paper is nearing completion and we aim for a publication in the second half of 2023.

2023 will bring some changes. Previously hosted at the University of Stirling, the network admin will be based at the University of Dundee, Scotland, from May 2023 on.

We will also be moving social media platforms in 2023. Our Twitter account will still exist, but our most active platform will be on Mastodon, where the SCONe account is currently hosted at: https://sciences.social/@SCONe

SCONe would like to thank you for your strong and continuous support, and we look forward to many more interesting events and accomplishments in 2023!

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