SCONe Newsletter- May 2023

Dear SCONe members,

We’d like to start this new form of updates so that everyone has a chance of knowing what is happening across the network. The aim will always be to keep this concise so it’s a quick read. As this is the first of its kind, this one might be a lot longer though…

Project Updates:

We are working towards a final draft of the position paper (including thinking about what else to call it). Make sure to attend the meeting on 1 Jun 2023, 10:00 BST, for a discussion of emerging big questions (~2hrs). Zoom link sent earlier and will be sent again closer to the meeting, also available on the SCONe Discord (access required).

We have started a collaborative research project that is currently gearing towards a meta-analysis of alpha lateralisation effects based on existing literature. Regular meetings are on, and updates can be found in the corresponding Discord channel (access required). This effort can still be joined.

Conferences & meetings:

SCONe will be meeting at the SAMBA conference in Salzburg, 13 – 14 Jul. Make sure to register by 31 May if you want to attend the conference. The (inofficial) SCONe satellite will take place on the morning of 15 Jul (likely 9am-1pm) – hybrid options to be explored.

From 16-19 Oct, we’ll have the global conference CuttingEEG 2023. Several SCONe members will be involved in organising local “gardens”, and some even in the main event, as speakers or organisers.

Website & Social Media:

As a consequence of moving SCONe admin from Stirling to Dundee, there are some changes to our internet presences. The SCONe twitter account now has the updated handle @SCONe_neuro. Also huge thanks to Laura Klatt who’s taken over some (if not most) of the account’s tweeting. (Get in touch if you are interested in having access to our SocMed accounts and help us out spreading the word). Our website can be found at Emails should be sent to

One thing that can be found on the website, and that we’d like as many as possible to contribute to is compiling a list of openly available datasets from experiments that look into some aspect of brain rhythms  – see here, and click on ‘Open Datasets’. In order to have your dataset listed, you will need to fill in this form. (Note that the data will not appear immediately but only after a content check.)

Funding & Jobs:

We are looking into extending the SCONe funding lifetime past the end of 2023, as well as expanding based on the current network. Some of us have recently attended an info session on EU COST actions and they still seem the most comprehensive way of entertaining a pan-European network of like-minded researchers. Discussions surrounding a bid for a COST action (due Oct 2023), or similar, will be part of the SCONe meeting at SAMBA.

[Send us job adverts to be listed here … can also be posted on the Discord channel]


We welcome Søren Andersen, Raquel London, James Dowsett, Benedikt Zoefel and Keith Doelling to SCONe – happy to have you on board.

[Let us know whether there are other categories of info to be covered here, e.g., recent papers from SCONe members, etc.]

Best wishes,
SCONe Steer Com

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