SCONe at CuttingEEG 2023 Dundee

From 16-19th Oct, we hosted a local “garden” of the global CuttingEEG 2023 conference in Dundee. It’s time for a huge appreciation post for everyone who helped us made it happen: First, props to our fantastic venue who gave us shelter and kept us nourished – visit the DCA if you are in Dundee!

Next, we’d like to give a huge round of applause to our stellar tutorial speakers, Philipp Ruhnau (Fieldtrip), Tanja Atanasova (Microstates), Anastasia Klimovich-Gray (Mne_python), and Robin Ince (Bayesian Prevalence) who couldn’t have done it any better.

Ana Klimovich Gray demonstrating mne_python on a screen in front of the audience.

Microstates’ tutor Tanja Atanasova was also involved in the local organisation together with the ever resourceful Bryony Buck and Rosanne Timmerman. We somehow failed to take a picture of the crew, Christopher Benwell, and Anne Keitel so here’s a replacement shot instead:

Cutting EEG reception desk at the DCA. Tanja Atanasova at the helm, Anne Keitel “signing up” our youngest attendees.

We will also keep in fond memory our city walk led by UoD Psychology’s own Dr Anne Scrimgeour, and our conference social at vegan pub Loco Rita, where our poster prizes went to Martina Kopcanova and Maria Carmen Garcia de Soria Bazan.

Crowd gathering outside to listen to Anne Scrimgeour talking about Dundee history.
Attendee social.

We remain in absolute awe about the herculanean effort of putting together the global part of the conference by the team. Having our conference cut short by the (atypically) severe weather shows that this conference format is the future! Visit to find out more.

Further huge thanks go to our sponsors and benefactors: The School of Social Sciences, Law and Humanities (home of UoD Psychology), our own HoD Prof Alissa Melinger, and our industry sponsor mBrainTrain

Finally, another big thank you to speakers Danying Wang, James Dowsett and for presenting their research at our mini-symposium sponsored by the Scottish-EU critical oscillation network (SCONe) – recording available soon.

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