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Bozatzi, P., and Sapkota, G.P. (2018) The FAM83 family of proteins: from pseudo-PLDs to anchors of CK1 isoforms. Biochem Soc Trans,

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Bozatzi, P., Dingwell, K. S., Wu, K., Cooper, F., Cummins, T. D., Vogt, J., Wood, N., Macartney, T. J., Varghese, J., Gourlay, R., Campbell, D. G., Smith, J. C., and Sapkota, G. P. (2018) PAWS1/FAM83G controls Wnt signalling through association with Casein Kinase 1 alpha. Embo reports, , [Full Text][pdf]

Ramachandran, A., Vizan, P., Das, D., Chakravarty, P., Vogt, J., Rogers, K.W., Müller, P., Hinck, A.P., Sapkota, G.P., and Hill, C.S. (2018) TGF-β uses a novel mode of receptor activation to phosphorylate SMAD1/5 and induce epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition. Elife. Jan 29;7. pii: e31756. doi: 10.7554/eLife.31756. [Full Text] [pdf]

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Fulcher, L. J., Macartney, T. J., Turnbull, C., Hutchinson, L., and Sapkota, G. P. (2017) Targeting endogenous proteins for degradation through the affinity-directed protein missile system. Open biology, 7: 170066. [Full Text] [pdf]

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Herhaus, L., Al-Salihi, M., Macartney, T., Weidlich, S., and Sapkota, G. P. (2013) OTUB1 enhances TGFbeta signalling by inhibiting the ubiquitylation and degradation of active SMAD2/3. Nature communications 4, 2519 [Full Text] [pdf]

Sapkota, G. P. (2013) The TGF-beta-induced phosphorylation and activation of p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase is mediated by MAP3K4 and MAP3K10 but not TAK1. Open biology 3, 130067 [Full Text] [pdf]

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Vogt, J., Traynor, R. and Sapkota, G. P. (2011). The specificities of small molecule inhibitors of the TGFß and BMP pathways. Cell Signal 23, pp. 1831-1842 [Full Text] [pdf]

Other Prior Publications From G. Sapkota

Alarcon, C., Zaromytidou, A. I., Xi, Q., Gao, S., Yu, J., Fujisawa, S., Barlas, A., Miller, A. N., Manova-Todorova, K., Macias, M. J., Sapkota, G., Pan, D. and Massague, J. (2009). Nuclear CDKs drive Smad transcriptional activation and turnover in BMP and TGF-beta pathways. Cell 139, pp. 757-69 [Full Text] [pdf]

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Sapkota, G. P., Cummings, L., Newell, F. S., Armstrong, C., Bain, J., Frodin, M., Grauert, M., Hoffmann, M., Schnapp, G., Steegmaier, M., Cohen, P. and Alessi, D. R. (2007). BI-D1870 is a specific inhibitor of the p90 RSK (ribosomal S6 kinase) isoforms in vitro and in vivo. Biochem J 401, pp. 29-38 [Full Text] [pdf]

Sapkota, G., Alarcon, C., Spagnoli, F. M., Brivanlou, A. H. and Massague, J. (2007). Balancing BMP signaling through integrated inputs into the Smad1 linker. Mol Cell 25, pp. 441-54 [Full Text] [pdf]

Knockaert, M.†, Sapkota, G.†, Alarcón, C., Massagué, J. and Brivanlou, A.H. (2006) Unique players in the BMP pathway: small C-terminal domain phosphatases dephosphorylate Smad1 to attenuate BMP signaling. [†equal contribution] Proc. Nat. Acad. of Sci. USA. 103, 11940-5 [Full Text] [pdf]

Sapkota, G., Knockaert, M., Alarcon, C., Montalvo, E., Brivanlou, A. H. and Massague, J. (2006). Dephosphorylation of the linker regions of Smad1 and Smad2/3 by small C-terminal domain phosphatases has distinct outcomes for bone morphogenetic protein and transforming growth factor-beta pathways. J Biol Chem 281, pp. 40412-9 [Full Text] [pdf]

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Sapkota, G. P., Deak, M., Kieloch, A., Morrice, N., Goodarzi, A. A., Smythe, C., Shiloh, Y., Lees-Miller, S. P. and Alessi, D. R. (2002). Ionizing radiation induces ataxia telangiectasia mutated kinase (ATM)-mediated phosphorylation of LKB1/STK11 at Thr-366. Biochem J 368, pp. 507-16 [Full Text] [pdf]

Lee, M. J., Thangada, S., Paik, J. H., Sapkota, G. P., Ancellin, N., Chae, S. S., Wu, M., Morales-Ruiz, M., Sessa, W. C., Alessi, D. R. and Hla, T. (2001). Akt-mediated phosphorylation of the G protein-coupled receptor EDG-1 is required for endothelial cell chemotaxis. Mol Cell 8, pp. 693-704 [Full Text] [pdf]

Sapkota, G. P., Kieloch, A., Lizcano, J. M., Lain, S., Arthur, J. S., Williams, M. R., Morrice, N., Deak, M. and Alessi, D. R. (2001). Phosphorylation of the protein kinase mutated in Peutz-Jeghers cancer syndrome, LKB1/STK11, at Ser431 by p90(RSK) and cAMP-dependent protein kinase, but not its farnesylation at Cys(433), is essential for LKB1 to suppress cell vrowth. J Biol Chem 276, pp. 19469-82 [Full Text] [pdf]

Godber, B. L., Doel, J. J., Sapkota, G. P., Blake, D. R., Stevens, C. R., Eisenthal, R. and Harrison, R. (2000). Reduction of nitrite to nitric oxide catalyzed by xanthine oxidoreductase. J Biol Chem 275, pp. 7757-63 [Full Text] [pdf]