Students Science Fair

As part of the Experimental and Professional Physics/Astrophysics Module (PH32006/32016), since 2019 we have been running a science fair at the Mills Observatory in Dundee “Physics at the Mills”.

We wanted to come back to Mills Observatory in 2020, but then we had to go in lock-down. Since the students had produced really great materials, “Physics at the Mills 2020” is now going on line, together with the “Physics on the Web 2021” and “Physics on the Web 2022”. We will be back at Mills Observatory in March 2023!

Physics at the Mills Observatory 2023

The Physics Students Science Fair is now going back to in-person at the Mills Observatory, on Saturday March 25th, 2023, from 12:30 to 15:00. The event is children- and family-focused, free and open to all. Join us to learn about standing waves, lasers, light, gravity, and what makes things solid or liquid.

See you at the MIlls Observatory!

Physics on the Web 2022

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Physics at the Mills 2021: Physics on the Web

Since we knew we would not be able to meet face-to-face, our “Physics at the Mills 2021” was created as an online science fair from start. Click the image below to access all the wonderful activities and videos!

Physics at the Mills 2020

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Is Star Wars possible according to Physics? How can we map the Universe?

Physics at the Mills 2019

This is how it all started, back in 2019 and live at Mills observatory. This is the advertisement poster created by the students.