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Last update: April 2021

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Currently, I am a Reader at the School of Science and Engineering in the
University o
f Dundee , UK.

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Contact address:
School of Science and Engineering
University of Dundee

Nethergate, DD1 4HN, UK

My email address can be found here.

My field of research is  star formation and protoplanetary disks, specially regarding low-mass and solar-type stars. I am also very interested in the relation between star formation and disk formation and evolution. Most of my work is based on multiwavelength observations, including optical, IR, and millimeter wavelengths. Time-resolved photometry and spectroscopy are also among my favourite techniques to track processes happening in disks and stars.

Protoplanetary Disks Cartoons


Rodrigo,  Elvira, and Verónica.

Bernd Braunecker

La Subbética Cordobesa