Physics at the Mills 2020: A Science Fair brought to you by the Level 3 Physics and Physics with Astrophysics students

Our 2020 event had to be cancelled in the last moment, but the students created wonderful videos and posters that you can access here.

This wonderful video was created by Teresa and Lara. Would Star Wars be possible in the real world?
This great video and animation was created by Marie, Federica, Alexia, Rebecca, and Nat and will tell you how the Sloan Survey maps our Universe.

Poster and activity gallery

Make your own rainbow, by Orla, Oliver, Liam, and Hilary.
Phases of the Moon, by Juan, Akshith, Sam, and Josh, and how they show us the shape of the Earth, Moon, and Sun.
More images that show us the shape of the Earth and Moon, by Juan, Sam, Akshith, and Josh
The Physics behind Star Wars, by Teresa.
Finding our cosmic address by Nat
Mapping the Universe by Federica
The SDSS plate by Federica
The Sloan Digital Sky Survey, by Rebecca