Space and sanity around Glen Feshie

How to respond to the terrible news of the atrocities in Sri Lanka and its connection to Glenfeshie?  Today I want to share a few photos from my time in Feshie, as some sort of a response to those acts and losses which never should have been.  In the cradle of the Wildland vision we find space, peace and abundant natural beauty; perhaps an escape from a crowded planet for those who want or need it, and have the privilege to visit.

A time to immerse ourselves in nature has to be good for all our souls. Time in Feshie, where I’ve been visiting for 20 years now, is a time to breathe clean air, feel the chill on the face, hear the wind and the birdsong, drink from the sparkling waters, meet and talk with new acquaintances, work out and be glad of it, and enjoy nature in all her glories – the vibrant mosses, the purple heather in autumn, the lichens, the young trees creeping up the hillsides, the majestic landscapes of mountain and moor beyond, and just knowing that there are people who are trying to make this corner of our world a better place.

Let’s remember those who have done so much to help protect and enhance nature in this part of Scotland, and all those who, this week, tragically have lost so much.

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