6 x MSc by Research scholarships

We currently have six scholarships, each worth £5000, for the MSc by Research in Geography or in Environmental Science in partnership with colleagues in Civil Engineering. These are funded through the Durham Geological Bequest left to the University of Dundee to promote research of a geological nature. The scholarships would cover the costs of the tuition fees for 2021/22, which are set at £4486 per year, with the remainder to be used to help with any research costs (e.g. fieldwork, equipment, etc.). We anticipate start dates in September 2021 or January 2022.

More information about the MSc by Research programmes can be found here, and you can also contact Dr Simon Cook who is the programme coordinator.

The following project titles are being offered for these scholarships from across Geography & Environmental Science and Civil Engineering, but we welcome other ideas in the general field of geology, geoscience, geotechnical engineering, etc., in accordance with the Durham Geological Bequest rules:

• Use of Electrical Resistance Tomography (ERT) in characterising mixed sedimentary deposits in coastal environments – lab and field scale studies (supervised by Dr Alan Cuthbertson)

•Investigating tsunami sediment hydrodynamics: using an experimental flume to validate geological records of extreme events (supervised by Prof Sue Dawson and Dr Alan Cuthbertson)

• Investigation of landslide susceptibility using aerial drones (supervised by Prof Sue Dawson)

• Biomediated protection systems for critical infrastructure against debris flow geohazards (supervised by Prof Glyn Bengough and Prof Mark Cutler)

• Geological controls on the erosion of Scotland’s landscapes by ice sheets and glaciers (supervised by Dr Simon Cook and Dr Martin Kirkbride)

• A multi-parameter ground investigation tool for green infrastructure projects (Prof Jonathan Knappett and Prof Glyn Bengough)

• Response of mangroves under extreme lateral loads for design of natural tsunami protection systems (Prof Jonathan Knappett, Dr Alan Cuthbertson and Prof Sue Dawson)