What we do

We are a diverse, interdisciplinary research group drawn from across the University of Dundee and from outside the University (including other Universities, consultancy, government research agencies, etc.). Our members include postgraduates, research staff, faculty, and professionals. We welcome new additions to our group – please contact one of the group co-leaders to express your interest in joining.

We welcome opportunities to collaborate on research projects and are happy to receive news and media requests.

Our collective skills and expertise are drawn from a wide range of disciplines and perspectives including, but not limited to, geoscience, social science, environmental law, engineering, art, hydrology, biogeography, climate change, ecology, remote sensing, environmental modelling, environmental monitoring, human geography, Quaternary science, glaciology, geohazard and risk science, geomorphology, GIS, urban planning and architecture, science communication, 3D visualisation, social and environmental justice, geochronology, and much more.

Example research stories appear below, with more to follow!