Who we were

Alex’s first job was with the dispatch department at DC Thomson, 1948

As an adherent to the democratisation of photography in the late 1950 and 1960s, Alex shot images of ordinary people doing everyday things. One of his strengths is the ability to capture a moment in time, whether it’s through a face in the street or a publicity shot  

Mannequin parade, 1957. Alex did a lot of advertising shoots for local companies, including department store, DM Brown
Christmas wouldn’t be the same without the Salvation Army Band playing in the Murraygate, c1970
Swanny Ponds, Dundee, 1960s
Woman in Ward Road Reading Room, 1960s.
Taken on West Sands, this shoot was to advertise knitted bikinis for St Andrew’s Woollen Mill, 1970s
Young romantics? 1950s



Some images dating from mid-1966 and earlier are potentially copyright of DC Thomson & Co Ltd where Alex was employed as a staff photographer.  All other images are copyright of Alex Coupar.  Audio is copyright University of Dundee Archive Services. Nothing to be reproduced without permission

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