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As a freelancer, Alex continued to contribute to news stories and features in publications such as the Scots Magazine. He also continued to capture new developments and familiar scenes

Aerial view of Dundee, c1960
Craig pier market, Dundee, 1960s
Boots corner on the High Street and Reform Street with the first Overgate shopping centre, 1960s
Wellgate Steps flood, 1960s. This was a regular sight after heavy rain, with all the water flowing down from the Hilltown and Victoria Road to converge at the bottom of the Steps
Traffic jam on the A9
Murraygate at Christmas, 1960s
Whitfield new housing, c1970. Built to accommodate Dundee’s expanding population, most of Whitfield was low rise, deck access flats. Innovative for the time, the homes were built using the ‘Skarne’ prefabrication system.
The Tay Road Bridge, 1970s
Dryburgh multis, 1970s
View of Dundee from Newport, 1980s










Some images dating from mid-1966 and earlier are potentially copyright of DC Thomson & Co Ltd where Alex was employed as a staff photographer.  All other images are copyright of Alex Coupar.  Audio is copyright University of Dundee Archive Services. Nothing to be reproduced without permission


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