Capturing the news

As a photographer with DC Thomson, Alex captured celebrations, drama and tragedies, and as a freelancer continued to record events that hit the local headlines

Car accident, 1958
Start of Tay Road Bridge construction, 1963
Audience at the opening of the Tay Road Bridge, August 1966. At around 2,250 metres (1.4 miles),  the bridge is one of the longest road bridges in Europe
Scotscraig’s last day sailing, 1966.  The ‘Fifies’ were vessels that ferried people, goods and vehicles across the Tay for over 140 years. By 1966 there were 3 boats left, the B L Nairn, the Abercraig and the Scotscraig. They became redundant once the Tay Road Bridge opened
Elizabeth, the Queen Mother meets the Black Watch by Loch Muick, 1964.
The Queen Mother was the Regiment’s longest serving Colonel-in-Chief, remaining in the role until her death in 2002
Fighting jute fire at Dura Works, 1960s
Fire at Timex, 1960s. This shot was nominated for the World Press Photo Competition and appeared in their display of winning pictures in the Hague



Featuring Prince Phillip. Queen Elizabeth, Elizabeth, the Quenn Mother, Princess Anne, Prince Charles and Princess Margaret
Royal family at Braemar gathering, 1960s







Flying Scotsman at Dundee, May 1964






Princess Margaret visits RAF Leuchars, nd


SS Discovery, Victoria Dock. Built in Dundee for Scott and Shackleton’s Antarctic 1901 expedition, after a long career as a research and training ship, Discovery returned to Dundee in 1986
































Some images dating from mid-1966 and earlier are potentially copyright of DC Thomson & Co Ltd where Alex was employed as a staff photographer.  All other images are copyright of Alex Coupar.  Audio is copyright University of Dundee Archive Services. Nothing to be reproduced without permission




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