Structure Guided Drug Discovery for

Malaria and Tuberculosis

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SDDC (Structure guided Drug Discovery Coalition) is an international collaboration led by the Drug Discovery Unit (DDU-Dundee) at the University of Dundee-Scotland with researchers from the University of Washington, Seattle (SSCGID-Seattle), USA, the University of Chicago (CSBID-Chicago) , USA and University of Campinas (Centre of Medicinal Chemistry-UNICAMP), Brazil. The coalition was granted $5M over the next 3 years (2Q 2024) by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

SDDC primary aim is to develop compounds to “Early Lead” status, with Proof-of-Concept in animal models of infection for Malaria and Tuberculosis

Hit to early lead process from phenotypic hit to association to high value target, crystal structure, assay development, hit to lead strcutre guided drug discovery to early lead declaration

Our Approach to speed up Malaria an Tuberculosis drug discovery process

Medicinal Chemistry projects are focussed on the best disease-validated targets only.


The projects preferably have protein-small molecule structures, enabling structure-guided medicinal chemistry.

Our Collaborative Structure