Structure Guided Drug Discovery for

Malaria and Tuberculosis

SDDC (Structure guided Drug Discovery Coalition) is an international collaboration led by the Drug Discovery Unit (DDU-Dundee) at the University of Dundee-Scotland with researchers from the University of Washington, Seattle (SSCGID-Seattle), USA, the University of Chicago (CSGID-Chicago) , USA and UNICAMP in Campinas (SGC-Campinas), Brazil.


SDDC primary aim is to develop compounds to “Early Lead” status, with Proof-of-Concept in animal models of infection for Malaria and Tuberculosis

Our Approach to speed up Malaria an Tuberculosis drug discovery process

Medicinal Chemistry projects are focussed on the best disease-validated targets only.


The projects preferably have protein-small molecule structures, enabling structure-guided medicinal chemistry.

Our Collaborative Structure