Rastko Sknepnek

Rastko Sknepnekrastko
Lecturer in Physics and Dundee Fellow

School of Engineering, Physics and Mathematics
University of Dundee
1.02 Harris Building
Dundee DD1 4HN
e-mail: r.sknepnek AT dundee DOT ac DOT uk
phone: +44 (0) 1382 385699

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Research Interests

  • Pattern formation in curved spaces
  • Physics of liquid and solid membranes
  • Self-assembly in nanocomposite materials
  • Active particles on curved spaces
  • Cell and tissue mechanics

Selected publications

Academic Positions

  • lecturer in physics and Dundee Fellow                    2013 to present
    School of Engineering, Physics and Mathematics
    University of Dundee
  • distinguished university postdoctoral scholar           2012 to 2013
    Soft Matter Program
    Department of Physics, Syracuse University
  • research associate                                                          2009 to 2012
    Materials Science and Engineering, Northwestern University
    advisor: Prof. Monica Olvera de la Cruz
  • postdoctoral research associate                                  2006 to 2009
    Department of Physics and Astronomy, Iowa State University and Ames Lab
    advisors: Prof. Joerg Schmalian (Physics) and Prof. Monica H. Lamm (Chemical and Biological Engineering)
  • postdoctoral research associate                                  2004 to 2006
    Department of Physics, McMaster University
    advisors: Prof. Catherine Kallin and Prof. A. John Berlinsky.
  • research assistant                                                          2002 to 2004
    Department of Physics, Missouri Univerity of Scinece and Technology
    advisor: Prof. Thomas Vojta
  • research assistant                                                          2000 to 2002
    Institute for Physics, Chemnitz University of Technology (Germany)
    advisor: Prof. Thomas Vojta


  • PhD in Physics                                           2004
    Missouri Univerity of Scinece and Technology (formerly Univeristy of Missouri-Rolla)
    adviser: Prof. Thomas Vojta
    Note: Transferred from TU Chemnitz (Germany) to MST in 2002 following Prof. Vojta’s appointment at MST.
  • Diploma in Theoretical Physics               2000
    Belgrade University, Serbia
    adviser: Prof. Sava Milosevic

Honors and Awards

  • Dundee Fellow                                                                                                     2013
  • Distinguished University Postdoctoral Fellow, Syracuse University             2012
  • Scherer Graduate Research Prize for best graduate student research           2002
  • Scholarship for Talented Students awarderd by Oil Industry of Serbia         1995

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