Team members

Current group 

Dr Alwyn Dady 

Dr Aida Rodrigo Albors 

Dr Lindsay Davidson (Human Pluripotent Cell Facility) 

Ms Elisenda Raga Gil, PhD student 

Mrs Gail Singer, Research Assistant 

Mrs Pamela Halley, scientific officer 


Ms Ines Jeml Boyer (Dr Jens Januschke) 

Ms Febe Ferro (Professor Roland Wolf / Dr Francisco Inesta-Vaquera) 

Previous group members 

Post-doctoral researchers and current positions 

University of Dundee 2021 -2000 

Dr Ioannis Kasioulis, Research associate, Neurology unit, School of Clinical Medicine, University of Cambridge 

Dr Laure Verrier, Marseille Cancer Research Center, France 

Dr Nadege Poncet, Life Sciences project manager, Zurich 

Dr Junfang Song, Post-doctoral research assistant, University of Dundee 

Dr Hidekiyo Harada, Research Scientist at University Health Network, Toronto, Canada 

Dr Zuojun Yue, Post-doctoral research assistant, University of Dundee 

Dr Raman Das, MRC Career Development Fellow, University of Manchester 

Dr Ying Liu, College lecturer, UC Berkeley Extension, California 

Dr Barry Collins, Research Scientist, AstraZeneca R&D, Molndal, Sweden 

Dr Marios Stavridis, Dean of Learning Teaching, School of Life Sciences, University of Dundee 

Dr Jun Akai, Veterinary Scientist, Tokyo, Japan 

Dr Isabel Olivera-Martinez, Clinical Trials specialist, Netherlands 

Dr Ruth Diez del Corral, Research associate, Champalimaud Foundation, Lisbon 

University of Oxford 2000- 1995 

Dr Jennifer Brown, Pathologist, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust 

Dr Anne Goriely, Professor, Wetherell InstituteUniversity of Oxford 

Dr Helen Abud, Professor, Monash University, Australia 

Previous graduate students and current positions 

University of Dundee 2020 -2000 

Marco Canizares, post-doctoral researcher, University of Edinburgh 

Adriana Amorin Torres, Laboratory Head, Illumina, Brazil  

Claudia Semprich, post-doctoral researcher, Babraham Institute, Cambridge 

Nishal Patel, post-doctoral researcher, Stowers Institute for Medical Research, USA 

Roman Li, Systems Biologist at Eawag, Zurich, Switzerland 

Katherine Fishwick, post-doctoral researcher, University of Western Ontario 

Mariana Delfino-Machin, Programme Manager, Medical Research Council, UK 

Simon Lunn, Senior R&D Manager at Cambrian Biopharma, Cleveland, Ohio 

Arwen Wilcock, Research Manager at The Institute of Leadership and Management, London 

University of Oxford 2000 – 1995 

Dorette Breitkreuz, Programme Director Life Sciences, Molecular and Organismic Biology, Duetsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) 

Autumn Rowan, Medical tutor at Wadham College and Lecturer in Anatomy, University of Oxford