This group, In-GEAR (Intersectional Gender Equality in the Arts Research) was founded on International Women’s Day 2021, by Dr Helen Gørrill, DJCAD’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion lead,  Chenoa Beedie, student director of EDI, and Cat Dunn, Doctoral Candidate in art and curation of social justice. We are the 2021 winners of the University’s Honorary Graduates’ Award for Inclusive Practice, which recognises teaching/service delivery which removes barriers and promotes inclusion.

In-GEAR is a unique research group in that we work with both DJCAD students, staff, industry professionals, and members of the public from across the world to advance research in artworld equalities, and co-ordinate an ongoing series of public, free events – including conferences, workshops, exhibitions, and open access publications.

We provide empowering opportunities for our DJCAD cohort – amongst the top art students in Scotland, who are the artists, researchers, and writers of the future – to exhibit, speak, and write alongside award-winning staff from the University of Dundee, and key industry professionals from across the UK and beyond. At In-GEAR this forms a unique mentoring process which gives hidden voices a platform for critical exchange, together with creating exciting opportunities for the future.  No matter where you find yourself on the gender spectrum, and no matter what inequality you’re interested in, we would love to hear from you and hope you will join us at an event soon.