Postdoctoral Researchers

Nur Kocaturk

I am originally from Çeşme, Turkey. I studied in Istanbul for my BSc and PhD. I have always been interested in how cells maintain homeostasis in response to various conditions. Therefore, during my PhD my main focus was to understand cross-link between UPS and autophagy during mitochondrial removal. After obtaining my degree, for my postdoctoral research I moved to Germany. At University of Cologne (CMMC), I worked on ERAD and its translational link to neurodevelopmental disorders in primary patient-derived cells. In 2021, I joined Professor Gopal Sapkota’s lab in the MRC PPU at the University of Dundee as a postdoctoral researcher to work on identification of new E3 ligases and DUBs regulating alpha-synuclein stability, which was also co-supervised by Prof Ian Ganley. I joined the CeTPD in July 2023 as a postdoctoral researcher in Farnaby group where I will extend my research on discovery of novel degraders for Central Nervous System focused diseases. Outside of the lab, I try to stay active as much as possible. I love experimenting in the kitchen, travelling, water sports and crafting – lately into ceramic.

Matylda Izert-Nowakowska

I originally come from Poland where I studied biotechnology and chemistry at the University of Warsaw. My PhD research was focused on creating a new plasmid-based system for inducing selective protein degradation in Gram-negative bacteria using degrader-like peptides. During my PhD, I developed skills indifferent techniques in molecular and structural biology, and biophysics. I also
contributed to developing methods for selective bacterial RNA enrichment for diagnostics and research applications. I moved to Dundee and joined the Farnaby Group in January 2024 as a postdoctoral scientist to work with mitophagy-regulating molecules. Combining cell biology with biophysics I hope to contribute to the advancement in understanding and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. Outside the lab, I enjoy practicing yoga, travelling, and spending time outdoors exploring nature.

PhD Students

Andreas Holmqvist

Andreas joined the Farnaby group as a PhD student in medicinal chemistry in September 2022. In his PhD, he will work on the development of blood-brain barrier permeable degraders to rescue neurons in neurodegenerative diseases. Andreas completed his master’s in organic and medicinal chemistry at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden spring 2022. During his master’s, Andreas worked on his personally designed master’s project developing PROTACs for the proteasome’s regulatory subunit, RPN11, to induce proteotoxic stress in multiple myeloma cells. In this project, he learned that stepping out of the comfort zone is one of the most rewarding feats in science since the reward supersedes the challenge by far. To further explore his interest in Andreas in TPD and chemically induced proximity, Andreas decided to apply for a PhD position at the new Centre for Targeted Protein Degradation in the Farnaby group. Andreas is a very social and easy-going person who loves spending time at the gym and being with the CeTPD family as well as his own family.

Adam Pinto

Adam, originally from Hertfordshire, completed his MChem in 2022 at the University of Oxford. His Part II (master’s) project was on the design and synthesis of aryl hydrocarbon receptor degraders as utrophin modulators for Duchenne muscular dystrophy, supervised by Professor Angela Russell. In August 2022 Adam joined the Ciulli group at the Centre for Targeted Protein Degradation as an Associate Scientist in Medicinal and Organic Chemistry, within the Boehringer Ingelheim collaboration team. He remains at the CeTPD for his PhD, developing electrophilic kinase-targeted molecular glues in the Farnaby group. Outside of the lab, Adam enjoys travelling, watching the F1 and live music.


Kristiina Juvonen

Kristiina is originally from Finland and moved to Scotland three years ago when starting her Biological Chemistry and Drug Discovery undergraduate degree at the University of Dundee. She is joining the Farnaby group as a SLS summer student for 8 weeks. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling, cooking, yoga and photography.


Rose Winchester

Rose is from Edinburgh, studying her Biomedical Sciences undergraduate degree at the University of Dundee. She is joining the Farnaby group for her Honours project for the duration of Semester 1 23/24. In her spare time, she competes as a tenor drummer in the Police Scotland Fife Grade 1 pipe band and enjoys plenty of time outside, climbing Munros and exploring Scotland.