Editing Process

The Dundee Student Law Review operates a three stage process for reviewing submissions we receive. All submissions are anonymised throughout the editing process.

  • 1st Tier Review
    • First, submissions are checked for grammar and spelling errors, which are either highlighted or amended depending on the error. Additionally our first-tier editors check the general coherence of the submission’s argument.
  • 2nd Tier Review
    • Our second-tier reviewers focus on the content of the submissions. This is to ensure that the informationĀ is up to date and accurate. Additionally, our editors focus on the analysis and discussions in the paper to ensure the submission is a useful contribution to the scholarship in the area the essay concerns.
  • Anonymous Peer Review
    • The DSLR have a peer-review system which is provided largely by University of Dundee staff. These peer reviewers provide expert comments on a paper to ensure the paper is of the highest standard. If successful at this stage, the final changes to each paper are made before publication.

[For some pieces, the Editorial Board are happy to assist with the post-peer review process to ensure that papers are ready for publication]

If you have any questions about our editing process, feel free to contact us at law-studentreview@dundee.ac.uk or message our Facebook page.