Join the lab

We are an interdisciplinary team focused on resolving important questions at the interface of membrane and protein biology. Our expertise lies in protein biochemistry including structural methods, membrane biophysical techniques, and imaging-based cell biology. Uniquely sited within the Division of Cell and Developmental Biology in the School of Life Sciences, University of Dundee, we have access to state-of-the-art technologies for microscopy, mass spectrometry, structural biology pipelines, automation and more. These platforms enable broad training for lab members, and the rapid application of newly developed methods to our questions. We aim to make broad impacts in cell, developmental, and cancer biology and, where necessary, develop methods at the membrane and protein interface. Our laboratory members will emerge experts in complementary approaches and will be prepared for independent scientific career paths.

The University of Dundee is international and a thriving community of researchers from all over the world awaits. It is consistently ranked near the top of UK universities, particularly in the life sciences. Professional development is a key commitment of the University, and various platforms exist to support it for both students and research staff.

Graduate students:

We are interested in highly motivated and passionate post-graduate students. The School of Life Sciences and University of Dundee offer several distinct programs which may be of your interest, including possibilities for collaborative projects and biophysically-oriented projects. If our lab’s research clicks with you, please write us directly.

Postdoctoral researchers:

We are currently recruiting. We expect a passion for our craft, and in return we aim to train you as a next generation of scientific leaders. We are especially interested in candidates with prior experience in structural protein work and biochemistry. Prior expertise in microscopy and/or tissue culture is advantageous. A strong academic record is expected, and a passion to rapidly take on new methods is required. We are also interested in cell biologists with a mastery of screening and automated microscopy. Please contact us if you believe you can contribute and we can discuss the options available.