Symbiosis conference

Scotland, the Caribbean and the Atlantic World panel

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Left to Right- Michael Morris, Peggy Brunache and Susan Mains

We presented a panel on ‘Scotland, the Caribbean and the Atlantic World’ on 12 July 2019 at the Symbiosis Conference held at University of Dundee. Symbiosis is a Journal of Transatlantic literary and cultural relations.

Susan Mains curated an exhibition of Stephen McLaren and Varun Baker’s photographs in the foyer of the Dalhousie building.

The panel was a success with Peggy handing round pieces of sugar cane to demonstrate her analysis of foodways.

Panel: Scotland, the Caribbean and the Atlantic World

Susan Mains, ‘Caribbean-Scottish Connections: Conversing, Tracing and Representing Transatlantic Tidal Journeys’

Peggy Brunache, ‘Mainstreaming African Diasporic Foodways When Academia is Not Enough’

Michael Morris, ‘Robert Graham of Gartmore: empire, disavowal, reparation.’

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