Ferguson, P., McKenzie, M., Mercieca, D., Mercieca, D.P. and Sutherland, L. (2021) Primary Head Teachers’ Construction and Re-negotiation of Care in COVID-19 Lockdown in Scotland. Frontiers in Education, 6:617869.


Brown, J., McLennan, C., Mercieca, D., Mercieca, D. P., Robertson, D. and Valentine, E. (2021) Technology as Thirdspace: Teachers in Scottish schools engaging with and being challenged by digital technology in first COVID-19 lockdown. Education Sciences, 11(3), 136.


McLennan, C., Mercieca, D., & Mercieca, D. (2020). What can I do? Teachers, students and families in relationship during COVID-19 lockdown in Scotland. Malta Review of Educational Research14(2), 163-181.

Papers in progress

  • Teachers working in special schools in Scotland acting with practical wisdom: supporting children with additional needs in COVID-19 lockdown in Teachers and Teaching theory and practice. Mercieca, D., Mercieca, D.P., Ward, K.
  • Currently being written: papers focussing on teachers’ perceptions of families in lockdown; teachers’ engagement with ICT in lockdown; teachers’ understanding of children’s learning during lockdown; issues of social justice during lockdown from teachers’ perspectives; transitions during lockdown.

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